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Beholder 3 Steam CD Key Global

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Beholder 3 Steam CD Key Global

EUR 3.99

EUR 11.99

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Plataforma: STEAM
Etiquetas: ACT
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Descripción del producto

Why you should buy Beholder 3:

  • You like adventure games,
  • You're looking for a title with an unusual setting,
  • You want to be a spy.

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The dystopian world

Beholder 3 is the latest installment in the critically acclaimed adventure game series set in a dystopian future where a totalitarian government controls every aspect of citizens' life. This time you'll follow the story of Franz Schwartz, a Ministry employee who's lost his job after someone set him up. His only way to avoid imprisonment is to accept an offer that cannot be refused and become a spy. 

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Your actions matter

Franz will work as a landlord who has to invigilate tenants, break into their flats to look for illegal contraband, spread propaganda, and sometimes even make someone disappear. Besides posing as a landlord, you'll plot against your coworkers to climb the ranks in the Ministry. We'll you use your new position to get your old life back or make yourself comfy as a cog in the machine of absolute surveillance and ruthless? Choose wisely and find your way in the grim world of Beholder 3.

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